I've wasted a lot of time writing fiction over the past 10 years. I've even managed to sell and publish some of my fiction, sometimes in professional venues. Which of course doesn't help, because that kind of intermittent reward only reinforces bad behavior. I've slowed down on my fiction writing quite a bit to focus on basic research, but I still fall off the wagon and whip off a story now and then. One day, if I'm lucky, I'll kick the habit completely.

Here are a few selected writings and fragments of writings. Some stories are still at market, and I present only partial versions to prevent them from being considered "published." If you want to read an entire story, you can email me and I'll send it to you, as long as you promise not to disseminate it. Or inseminate it. Or anything else unethical or unnatural.

Click on the images to see or hear stories.

Niels Bohr and the Sleeping Dane

Originally sold to Strange Horizons. It was then selected for Year's Best Fantasy 6 - which put me on a table of contents with some heroes of mine. An audio version is coming from Escape Pod.

Full Written Version

Escape Pod Version


"Imperial" is a nasty little story about the struggle between development and conservation. It was first published--in Croatian-- in the anthology Monolith 6. Then Steve Eley picked it up for his wildly successful podcast, Escape Pod.

Complete Monolith version
(English, HTML)

Escape Pod Version

The Guerdon Earth

I wrote this story specifically for the Anthology Bones of the World, and editor Bruce Holland Rogers actually took the bait. It's an end-of-the-world story in which the world, unfortunately, doesn't really end.

Complete Version

Platypus Girl

(aka The Nose)

Another sale to Escape Pod. An over-the-top romp in a biotech future, featuring genetically engineered mobsters.

Written Version

Escape Pod Version

Not the Last of Those Who Shimmer

This one sold to 3SF Magazine, which immediately folded after the issue with my story came out. Cause and Effect? You be the judge.


Sold it to an anthology that never got published. A shame. This is one of my favorites. Here's the first half. This one's still on the market, so if you want to read the rest you can email me.

Partial Version

So Runs the World Away

A few Chapters from a novel which has been sitting on somebody's desk in New York for about 3 years now. If for some strange reason you want to read the whole thing, you can email me.

Half of SRTWA (RTF file)

Storm Rag

I'm very proud of this one, which was inspired in part by Shakespeare's The Tempest. In a way I think it is the best story I've ever written. But it touches on themes of incest, and has proven to be unmarketable. So here's the whole thing.

Full Version

How I Mounted Goldie, Saved My Partner Lori, and Sniffed Out The People's Justice

My favorite title, ever, and not a half-bad story. This one sold to Escape Pod, and got a stellar reading from Steve Eley and Jennifer Bowie. If you want to see how Bull finally mounted Goldie and sniffed out The People's Justice, just click on one of the links.

Print Version


Escape Pod Version

The Gardens of O-Yama Temple

I'm proud of this one, too. One of the few stories where I managed to actually put my vision on the page. Still at market. Here's the first half. If you want the whole thing you can email me.

Partial version


Fantasy for existentialists. Still at market. Here's half. Email me if you want the whole thing.

Partial Version