Jonathon Mark Sullivan

Current appearance. Even more handsome in person!

3834 B.C., as the millenia are now reckoned


How I looked back then. Everybody dressed gay in those days.

That region of Earth once called Mesopotamia, now called Catastrofuck.


Mess-O-Potamia. I left "Iraq" in 3748 BC to look for Turkish cigarettes in Anatolia, and the place has been fucked up ever since.


Solomon, Alexander, Lazarus, Methuselah, Merlin, Abrahmson, Galileo, Paracelsus, Osler, Doofus McScat, Gumford C. Fhardquat, Marty McFly.

In his current incarnation he goes by Sullydog, Jonathon, Sgt. Sully, Dr. Doom-Doggy-Dog, Dr. 3D, Heyoo, Wazoo, Shithead, or That-Guy-You-Saw-With-Yer-Momma.


Yes. Really. I like your Momma.


From your Momma.

Your Momma when I met her.

Your Momma shortly after I met her.

Your Momma now.


Sullydog studied at Glendale College and majored in Chemistry at Arizona State University, but never actually graduated from college--a fact nobody seemed to notice until after I got my medical degree and Ph.D., by which time it was too late. Suckahs!



Currently I practice and teach Emergency Medicine at Detroit Receiving Hospital, a Level I Trauma Center in--suprise!--Detroit, and I do research on brain ischemia at Wayne State University. I publish an occasional science fiction short story. I do reviews and fiction readings for Escape Pod, the science fiction podcast magazine. I study languages and then speak them badly. I practice Tang Soo Do and Iaido. I work in my garden. I reminisce about my lost youth. I think about your Momma a lot.


I have it right here. You gonna give me a job?


My beautiful wife, my cats, my raccoons, science, science fiction, Led Zeppelin, the Brandenburg Concertos, Beethoven's Third Symphony, Martin Scorcese movies, Star Trek, All Things Japanese, coconut, good patient care, universal health coverage, Frank Zappa, George W. Bush on trial for war crimes at the Hague, early morning workouts, sparring, our residents and medical students, and swiss cheese.


Ask your Momma.


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