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Materials directly related to my basic research.


    Chlling Out With Growth Factors. Presentation to the Wayne State University Cardiovascular Research Institute, Sept 12, 2008. Powerpoint file. Can be opened in Explorer.

    Brain Ischemia 101. Online teaching syllabus for our Residents and Medical Students.

    Introduction to Brain Ischemia (2008). Lecture for our Emergency Medicine Residents.

    Brain Ischemia 102. Flashcards at Flaschcard Exchange. This site is free for people who just want to use the cards (you have to register for the free account--don't worry, it's cool). These cards are used by myself and my students for review. Updated regularly.

    Brain Ischemia Literature Flashcards. How I pimp myself on literature I'm reading.

    Apoptosis, Growth Factors, and Neuronal Death - originally prepared for my part of the Advanced Neurophysiology Seminar at Wayne State University School of Medicine. A little dated now, and I was a little too enamored of bells and whistles in websites at the time. But I still find it's a good way to introduce my new students to the fundamentals of apoptosis, especially as it relates to brain ischemia, which is my Thang.

    Organelle Dysfunction and Cell Death - Lecture for Physiology Seminar at Wayne State School of Medicine. Best viewed in Explorer, unfortunately.